Author Submissions

Alpenwolf will publish original fiction and sell previously published fiction through the in-game store.  We're open to anything that is likely to appeal to our player base.  But we're particularly interested in extending the world of Selenoth with the help of talented and creative writers.  Think Thieves World, only with 500 years of history on an entire continent in which to play.  The stories should range between 1,500 and 12,500 words; stories that somehow involve a gladiatorial angle will be given particular consideration.  And, of course, they will have to avoid conflicting with canon in any serious manner; I would encourage those interested to focus on small, localized conflicts and to keep in mind that First Sword is set more than 100 years before the events that take place in A Throne of Bones.  We will be preparing a wiki to serve as a reference resource for authors interested in publishing through First Sword.

We haven't worked out the contractual arrangements yet, but we will give the author the choice between a conventional short fiction arrangement at SFWA-defined professional rate of 5¢/word and a 25 percent royalty share of the revenues derived from sales of the piece.