CGW_RMR1Members of the Alpenwolf team have been involved in the game industry since the MCGA era.  They have been involved in every aspect of the industry, from finance to the sales, from executive management to tech support, with hardware and software, with hardcore and casual, and with PC and console.  While First Sword marks the team's first entry into mobile gaming, it is the result of more than 20 years of lessons learned while designing and developing games.

As one example of this extensive experience, the two images are scans of the September 1997 issue of Computer Gaming World, which contained a review of Rebel Moon Rising, a 2.5D shooter that was published by GT Interactive.  It was a very successful game, selling more than two million copies between retail and bundling, and although it was often considered little more than a pre-Quake Doom clone, as the review shows, it incorporated both technological innovations as well as advanced gameplay mechanisms that were later utilized by other, better-known games.

CGW_RMR2In his three-star review of Rebel Moon Rising, CGW's Loyd Case wrote: "Where Rebel Moon Rising does break new ground in 3D-action shooters is in mission design (as opposed to level design).... The two best missions in the game are ones where you escort prisoners - in one case, alien babies - to a hand-off point. The suspense gets pretty intense as you move with your charge and try to keep enemies from picking them off. It's also somehow more personal than similar missions in flight sims. When one of the alien babies was killed, I felt a very real sense of outrage and emptied most of a magazine into the enemy that had killed it. Some of the other missions which involve searching for and destroying a specific set of objectives are more creative than the "if it moves, shoot it" philosophy in most 3D-action games.  All of this takes place in the context of a relatively interesting story."